Pretty EXCITING news coming from both Say Anything camp and Marvel camps. Say Anything front man, Max Bemis, will be debuting a story of his with Marvel Comics in November’s A+X #14. had this to say about it below:

Max Bemis, best known as the frontman and songwriter of pop-punk band Say Anything is set to make his debut with Marvel Comics penning a story in November’s A+X #14.Bemis made his comics writing debut with the release of his creator-owned comic Polarity from BOOM! Studios back in April.A+X #14 will be his first work for a major publisher.

The story, which features a team-up between the Superior Spider-Man and Magneto, is described as Bemis as being “high concept.”

“It can’t just be like, ‘Let’s just take the Hulk and Spider-Man and put them against this particular bad guy and they find some creative way of beating him,'” Bemis said of the story. “How do you take a team-up and make it more of a psychological study than an action piece? All of the ideas I pitched had that sort of element to it.”

Bemis describes his level of Marvel fandom as “ridiculous,” and credits editor Jordan White for involving him in the project. On whether more Marvel work is in his future, Bemis had this to say:

“I‘m hoping that it’s the first of many books that I write for Marvel. We’ll see. Either way, I’m honored to have just worked on this project and that I got to play with two of the most iconic characters around.”


I personally think its pretty great when an artist of one nature can crossover and do something as great. This really shows that Max’s creative abilities aren’t limited to one art form.  I’m sure Say Anything and Marvel fans alike are interested to see what Max can bring to the Marvel realm and if this will be a regular for him.

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