When did you first start writing music?

I first started writing music my junior year of high school. For the most part it consisted of lyrics and some acoustic guitar, as time went on I joined bands and learned a couple new instruments as well, but now in my new solo project I am back to just playing acoustic and writing lyrics. I like how it has full circled after all these years.

What instruments do you play?

I would say guitar is the instrument I am the best at, and I am not even good at it really so that’s pretty cool…I can get by on a piano as well, I have been teaching myself how to play that beast of an instrument for quite a while now. I want to say I am most confident in my ability to write meaningful lyrics and (hopefully) intriguing/catchy vocal melodies. Oh I also sing too for anyone who is completely unaware of what is going on here.

Do you play with a full band when you tour or are you strictly a solo act?

As of now my shows consist of just me. I perform my songs with an acoustic guitar and I rely heavily on the crowd`s energy and involvement. I like my live shows because I can connect with the people watching on such a personal level, we can all sing along and clap and by the middle of my show the audience acts as my backing band. In between songs I can tell stories about how much I like Disney channel or how no girl made out with me until I was like 17, I don’t know, I just love how this solo project gives me so much freedom to let people get to know me inside and outside of just my songs. We can all dance and cry and kiss while I play songs, and in between songs I just like to be silly and talk. I do think I will have a backing band in the future if things get more serious though. Maybe I can do a mix of full band and acoustic shows. That would be fun!

Who are 3 of your music influences?

Damn, I have way more than 3…

Off the top of my head I would have to say Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran, and Leonardo Dicaprio.

If you could open for any artists/group who would it be and why?

Coldplay!! I saw them last summer at the Hollywood Bowl, my friends and I got our seats upgraded to front of the pit FOR FREE and it changed my life. It literally changed the way I saw the world. It gave me a whole new prospective on what it means to put on an incredible show. It only seems right that I complete the circle and open for the band that inspired me to do what I do. People make fun of Coldplay, people make fun of me for liking Coldplay, but they are just sad I can steal their girlfriends, so…

What song of yours are you most proud of?

The hardest question of the interview. I am proud of all my songs for different reasons. I have some songs I wrote years ago that I still am so proud of, but in this solo project so far I would have to say “Iceberg” If we are putting honesty on the table and taking modesty off, I would say it is one of the best songs lyrically I have ever birthed. The song wrote itself in minutes honestly, I just became possessed and the words and melody just leapt out of me. The song is about the Titanic, and I wrote it as if I was on the boat as it hit the iceberg. In the song, I sing about the things I would do to make my last minutes with the one I love as heavenly as possible. Honestly these lyrics lay out how I hope to love my future wife, sorry to get cheesy as fuck, but its true. I hope I can love someone as much as the character in my song loves the girl he is with. Maybe my future wife is reading this, in tears, call me…

 Why did you get into music? Family? Friends? Life experience?

I have always enjoyed music because I am a decent human being. I really started to take music seriously when I hit 15 though. Music started to become a necessary part of my day rather than just fun background noise. Music made me feel and envision things I didn’t know I could, writing lyrics allowed me to be my own therapist and it was very expressive. I remember lying in bed when I was 15, coming down from an incredible night at a bonfire in Newport Beach, and I was listening to music through headphones in the dark envisioning myself performing to the people I care about. I just pictured my music making someone feel the way I felt that night, and that was all the motivation I needed.

What are some of your favorite movies and tv shows?

I love Pixar. My favorite Pixar movie is Wall-E. I love super serious movies as well, I am “that guy” who waits all year for Oscar season, and I watch every nominated film and pretentiously critique them and discuss them with my friends against their will. I am a huge Scorsese and Dicaprio fan. Anything they do I will watch, and LOVE. I also want to mention how much I love “Midnight in Paris” and “Perks of Being a Wallflower” As far as TV goes I am currently keeping up with “How I Met Your Mother” and “American Horror Story” I love “Arrested Development” “The Simpsons” and “Lizzie McGuire. My favorite TV show of all time is “Hey Arnold”

Favorite fast food joint?

I exclusively eat In N Out and every other fast food joint can fuck itself so hard.

One thing people don’t know about you or would find interesting about you?

I was in the dolphin show at Sea World when I was 7.

What CD is in your car right now? ( what artist are you listening to currently?)

I am currently addicted to Spotify. I use it like a drug, so I am all over the place with my listening tastes. The last CD I bought was Lorde`s record. It is in my car, I really really like it!

Any advice for kids wanting to get into music?

DO NOT surround yourself with people who have given up on their dreams. For some reason some people hate seeing others succeed if they are not happy with themselves. They will try to preach the “reality” of how hard being a musician is, but NEVER ever ever let someone tell you what you are capable of. If you have music in your blood, you need to do it. I could go on for hours about this, but just remember to do what makes you happy. Other people cannot understand passion if they themselves have never felt so passionate about something. So if you want to get into music, get the heck in it and stay positive, it is your life so be immensely happy, always.

Tell us about your debut EP “Knivsta” that drops January 7th

I named the EP after a city in Sweden I visited over summer. I fell in love with Sweden and its citizens, and the memories I made there turned into a lot of my current songs, it only seemed right to pay homage to the incredible country/city. This EP is pretty slow, all the tracks have a certain mood steering them, I am proud of it. It will show people my soft side when it comes to my music. It will be available to download for free off of my website LyonnMusic.com! It will be posted on multiple websites as well and you can download it and carry me with you everywhere you go!

Future plans?

I am already recording my second EP! It will drop in March, and it is pretty upbeat actually. All the songs still have the body of an acoustic track, but the mood I was in writing and recording these songs just happened to be more upbeat than the tracks on “Knivsta” I just write how I feel, if I try to force a song they always end up being GARBAGE, absolute trash. So both EPs together will give listeners a taste of the range my music spans. Some people have this preconceived idea of what the acoustic genre sounds like, I am hoping with each new release I can bring something different and refreshing. Other than recording I am moving to Montreal in March for a few months to spread my music up North! After Montreal I am heading to Tennessee for a while. I cannot wait to test my music in different markets all over North America. Head over to LyonnMusic.com and check out all my social network outlets, download my EP for free, and keep up with upcoming events. I will be all over the map in 2014, so I hope I get the chance to meet you somewhere soon! Well, formally meet you, because I am currently standing right behind you watching you read this…

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