With the technology available today when it comes to recording an album it can be very easy to make a product that is just too “perfect”. Bands seem scared to portray even the slightest bit of human error and thereby lose some of the human grit and passion that actually went into not only the writing of the song, but the recording itself.  Now enter Perfect People’s “Sophmore”(if you count the release of their demos) album “Midwaste”. I loved the album immediately due to the way it’s recorded putting me  right in the room with the band. I honestly closed my eyes and could see vocalist Drew Maxey demanding a rooms attention with sweat pouring down his face and passionate words spewing out of his mouth.

The catchy, hard hitting riffs provided by guitarists Darrell Berridge and James Carrol combined with the  fast, aggressive, but still not over complicated chops of drummer Travis and rounded out with the pissed, passionate, and almost poetic lyrics and vocals of Drew Maxey make for an album that you’ll have on repeat for a while, trust me. From the opening part of the opening track “Autotuned”, to the bridge in “Kindling”, to the dark and honest line in “Gemini” that goes ,”Our blood is the same, and we share a surname, but I suppose that’s all we know”. Maxey says about the song, “. It’s about my relationship (or lack thereof) with my older brother.” “Midwaste” speaks to the human element in all of us that goes through pain, hardship, and just simply being pissed at the world around us.

I strongly recommend picking this album up and giving it a thorough listen. Click the link below to check it out on their label’s, Just Another Day Records, bandcamp. Also, below is the most awkward/awesome interview I’ve done which happened to be with them earlier this year.




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