Miley Cyrus has been on my music radar since Hannah Montana days (i know…dont judge me). For real though you have to admit the girls not too bad of an entertainer and she definitely has an interesting life.  I mean we already know Miley can make hits and for a while there i was was going through Miley Cyrus withdrawal.


BUT!!!! Things have finally changed for the past couple of months my Miley tank has been filled! Her latest single We Can’t Stop is blazing up the airwaves and becoming a must have on every party playlist.

So as everyone knows when i find a song that i really dig, I have to, yes I HAVE to find just as good covers.  Below are my findings.

Drew Tabor and April Lockhart put a very smooth coffee shop spin to the video.  There rendition of the song remind me as if Norah Jones and Ingraid Michaelson teamed up to make an acoustic/indie version.  Tabor and Lockhart give you a feeling that the original lacks.  Makes you think of good times with friends and this being the backtrack music to it.

I personally love when a group of young people come together to achieve a common goal even when that goal is attempting to make one of the best Miley Cyrus covers on youtube. Well thats what Stuart O’Brien, Jemall Earle, and Ellen Gouchman did.  Their cover is well orchestrated and each one is utilizing their given individual talents.  Ellen has a voice that matches toe to toe with Miley, Stuart brings a twist to the song with his male vocals reminiscent of what a frontman of a warped tour band would sound like and Jemall is holding down the instrumentation!  The video is edited great and the collaboration between the three is executed well.

Juliet Weybret does this song well. She has a range with a very mature voice. I was surprised to see her voice do certain notes and renditions of those notes. Her fellow guitarist is very entertaining as well. You can tell this guy is enjoying himself and thats what it is all about.  Juliet has a lot of good videos up and i found myself really liking her other songs as well. Check them out!

So guys do me a huge favor guys and do yourself a favor and check out these talented musicians.

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