Diffuser.fm got the luxurious privilege of premiering the newest release form Molina Davina Bodies. It’s a super catchy tune for fans of the singer foxes or old school Tegan and Sara. Check out the song below and learn a little bit more about the song and the artist

Sultry and full of grandeur pop flare, “Bodies” marks the first shot from this pairing. Molina, who has built a name producing the likes of Dead Heart Bloom, Inger Hansen, and Simrit Kaur, has had a musical relationship with Davina since recording her first demo in 2005. Though geographically residing on opposite coasts for much of the past decade, Davina has always brought her musical projects from San Francisco to Molina’s White Light Recording Studio in Kingston, NY studio to record and mix.

Davina, originally writing offbeat indie lyrics for My First Earthquake and feisty anthems for Happy Fangs, is always concocting new songs. This project was seeded by one song that wouldn’t fit in with any of Davina’s other musical projects. “Bodies” was a simple tune that the songstress sung to her cell phone one night. Molina brought it to life in the recording with his instrumentation. The result opens the door for a new musical partnership, one that differs from anything they have done previously.

The duo recently recruited Sundance-selected filmmaker Jesus Beltran of Zumpango Films to make a video for “Bodies,” which will receive its world premiere shortly.

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