The New Year is in full swing, and most people have been flocking to the gym, trying desperately to stop swearing, or even the age-old, “Oh, I’ll start on that tomorrow.” The good news is, your gym will soon be peaceful in a week or so, your friend will soon let out a string of curse words when they stub their toe, and that’s life. But out of all those resolutions that will either fly or crash and burn, how many people have made musical ones?

While jotting down those resolutions to lose weight or stop drinking so much, perhaps you should take the following into consideration, as I intend to:


  1. I will venture out of my comfort zone genre-wise. It’s easy to get addicted to a certain genre. I like to think that I’m musically diverse, but I do see myself settling into patterns. Maybe it’s high time I give some other genres a try.

  2. I will listen to more of the classic albums. I like Sinatra and AC/DC, but I’ve never actually sat and listened to a full album of theirs. This year, I resolve to educate myself on the classics.

  3. I will try not to judge an artist based on the album cover or band name. As someone who reviews albums consistently, I occasionally make quick judgements, but then find myself totally surprised when I hit ‘play.’ So, I’m going to try not to be so quick to form an opinion.

  4. I will give a band I hate another chance. Out of the few artists I solemnly swear to detest forever, I will pick one and give them another chance. Maybe I just heard a poorly-executed song or album. I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

  5. I will own up to the few guilty pleasures I have. The next time someone has a little fit about an artist that I “secretly” like, I will not put my head down and nod quietly. If you like an artist, why not say so?

  6. In the same vein, I will own up when I don’t like an artist. No more nodding along to be polite…unless it’s a person’s absolute favorite, because why crush their soul?

  7. I will avoid jumping on any hate-bandwagons. Okay, so the Justin Bieber one is too accurate to abandon, but for others, there has to be a boundary.

  8. I will declutter my iTunes. That artist I haven’t listened to in four years and no longer find entertaining? Goodbye to you (and that irritating message of the start-up disk not having anymore space), and hello to the artist I previously had no space for!

  9. I will listen to more music from other cultures. As a Brit living in America, I like to think I get the best of both worlds, musically speaking, of course. But what about French music? Or Italian? Or Colombian? It’s time to delve into the global entertainment industry.

  10. I will see at least one show where I know none of the bands. Maybe I’ll love it, maybe I’ll hate it, but I’ll never know unless I go watch them live.

  11. I will make more mixed CDs. Because you never know when you’re going to need a good mix.

  12. I will get more creative with my own lyrics. Because why not write a love song or a song about having a cup of tea from your favorite mug?

  13. I will avoid reading the garbage comments under YouTube videos. Nine times out of ten, it’s Internet trolls arguing, so why waste the time?

  14. I will enjoy the music for what it is, and appreciate it for what it can do.


Music will always be there, but why not step out of your comfort zone? The feeling it gives you or the connections you make are yours, and yours alone. In 2014, I resolve to enjoy more music and find new ways to appreciate the songs I already adore.

Liv Simister


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