It has been six months since New Found Glory parted ways with guitarist, Steve Klein. Nothing stops these guys. New Found Glory is back in the studio recording their 8th album! The band also announced that they were leaving Epitaph Records and were signing with Hopeless Records. It will also be their first album without Steve. As a lot of fans know, Steve was one of the main songwriters. He wrote most of their popular songs. Some fans are nervous to hear what New Found Glory will release without him.

Even though they have released many albums over the past 15 years they have never disappointed me. New Found Glory will always be my second favorite band, sometimes my favorite if you ask me on a good day ;). I am excited to hear their new music. I am extremely proud of them for not letting Steve’s issues bring down the band. They made the correct decision to go on without him.

The #selfiesunday kings themselves announcing that they were starting pre production for the new album.

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