So i am sure a lot of  people know of the Pop/Rock, Pop-punk, whatever other title we can give music band New Years Day.  If anyone can tell you i am a sucker for female vocalists.  There is something about the female vocals that i find more appealing and soothing.  Anyway i have been rocking this lady and her gents for a little bit and i feel like it is worth writing about. For all of you that are new to the band, they have actually been around for a bit but i feel as though they are have been catching some much deserved steam the past year or so.  They go back to myspace days, when myspace was awesome and legit, and pretty much had a deep following.  I mean deep.  This got them enough attention to be on one of my myspace compliations, back when myspace had a record company. side note: Remember when myspace was awesome? i miss those days =[ The band has for sure changed there image to a Danzig type ghoulish look in their promo picks but sound more like a punkier VersaEmerge, another band that is pretty dope.  Their previous sound was more pop and reminded me of a female taking back sunday with one vocalist. NYD will also be on this years Warped Tour so if you have the time and endurance to be in the heat check them out.

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