St. Louis is known for it’s erradic, plan-altering weather; winter is rife with slush and the occasional heat wave and summer is accompanied by humidity so thick you can pretty much swim in it.

This makes outdoor festivals like Warped Tour a challenge in and of itself to not pass out or have a mental breakdown. This year, the gods smiled on all who attended Warped with cloud coverage to break up the sun and a consistent beautiful breeze that left Chris with his awesome fisherman’s shirt open to the navel for most of the day.

J.D. and I were lucky enough to have access to the press room all day and the chance to interview several acts that hopped on Warped Tour this year.

We interviewed Nick Santino and Jake from Front Porch Step together and the results were fantastic. We riffed about Chipotle, dogs that make you cry, being a hardass and how Jake wouldn’t let anyone know that he had brought Kurt Cobain back to life.

Make sure to check out Nick Santino’s new record Big Skies and Front Porch Step’s album Aware as well.

Let us know what your favorite band on Warper Tour is!


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