I personally remember loving the reruns of smurfs as a kid! My grandma used to put it on for me in the evening and make me corndogs. It was one of the most fondest memories of my childhood.

When i was playing in a band with my fellow blogger on here Nick, we used to bump Owl City like there was no tomorrow, and not to sound like a total music snob but we knew about him before he was big. =]

Ok enough with the nostalgia. I’m just super excited that the two have combined in a way for a ball of pure awesomeness!!

Owl City just released his new song for the smurfs two album. The song is called Live it Up and it has the traditional Owl City feel good, poppy, summer swag. It’s fun and thats all there is to it. Don’t think too hard about this song, you’ll hurt your head. Just dance.

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