The ever so popular guys of Paradise Fears are give you, the fans, a peak into their writing process as they record their latest release. This documentary is due to be released on December 10th but the band has already posted a little trailer about the documentary.

Check it out

Next week, on December 10, we’ll be releasing a mini-documentary, giving a behind the scenes story & preview of a couple of the songs we’ve been writing for our next album!

Bands are usually so closed off during the recording process, just mysteriously re-appearing months later with the songs they’ve selected to release. We figured it might be fun to be more transparent about how some of these songs. Whether they’re songs that will be on our next album or just demos that stay forever hidden on our computers, we figured it would be fun to let you guys be a part of not only the release of the album, but also the writing of it.

So tune into our Youtube channel on December 10, and be a part of our next album from the very beginning!

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