After three whole years of not playing a show in St. Louis, Paramore makes an impact that was too noticeable to avoid in any way. All of Paramore’s St. Louis fans will be talking about this performance for quite awhile. From a mass explosion of an intro to a beautiful ending with Paramore’s latest single “Still Into You” the performance left quite an impact for all of those in attendance.

It is always a great time with Hayley Williams on the mic. You could tell she was very happy to be back in St. Louis with a smile stretched on her face the whole performance.

One thing I personally wasn’t expecting was Paramore playing any of their much older songs. Hearing “Brick by Boring Brick” to “Misery Business” was such a surprise, but better yet, they sounded just like the record!

With a strikingly impressive new line up, the band was top notch. With two new live guitar players, and a special guest live drummer, Aaron Gillespie, there could not have been a better fit. On beat note for note, it was refreshing seeing a band play so tight.

Paramore had a very creative live show set up. With a Giant digital screen behind the drum kit, and an abstract pole-like light system set up adding even more momentum behind the already energy-filled act.

“Very entertaining. One of the best shows I have ever seen in my life” was the response I received after asking a parent who had brought their young daughter out to the show. “Welcoming at best, haha hell! I think I am going to buy some of their music tonight” was another parent’s response. It’s pretty difficult not to become a fan after seeing these guys and girl play their heart out.

In the end Paramore has not lost their touch in any way. In my opinion, they have progressed and evolved into their own unique and energy-filled sound. It was a pleasure having them back in St. Louis at The Fox.

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