If you have paid attention to pop punk at all recently then you know that some of the top dogs right now are The Wonder Years, The Story So Far, and Man Overboard.

On March 26, The Story So Far released their second studio album What You Don’t See. WYDS quickly became my new obsession. Their CD release show happened to fall on the St. Louis date of the Suppy Nation Tour, with Man Overboard and I was lucky enough to hear them play a few of their new songs. My favorite tracks off of What You Don’t See are Empty Space, Stifled, and Right Here.

On March 25, The Wonder Years released their much anticipated first single off of The Greatest  Generation, Passing Through a Screen Door. It was everything everyone wanted it to be and more. They released a couple more singles before The Greatest Generation was released on May 14. I will be honest as much as I loved the singles, I STILL haven’t listened to this album all the way through yet. I don’t know why but I caught myself listening to more catching things like the new Justin Timberlake and Demi Lovato albums… And then Man Overboard started to release all of their singles and all was lost for this album. Trust me I love it. I love The Wonder Years but so much music has come out! So much!

No one had any idea that Man Overboard had secretly recorded a whole new album this past winter. When they released White Lies and announced that they were releasing a new album, Heart Attack, on May 28 I was extremely excited. I couldn’t wait for all of these albums to come out. Man Overboard also released Open Season, Where I Left You, and Wide Awake before the release of White Lies. The album might have officially been released today but it has been streaming online for awhile now. I have listened to the album a few times and so far Where I Left You and Wide Awake are still my two favorites. I love Man Overboard so much. They remind me of pop punk from the late 90s and early 2000s that I fell in love with when I was 14 years old. They, along with TWY and TSSF, have become some of my favorite bands.

Then just when you thought all the new music was released, The Story So Far released Clairvoyant off of their split 7″ with Stick To Your Guns that comes out on June 18. Clairvoyant is absolutely beautiful and shows a whole different side to the band. It reminds me of the acoustic tracks found on Punk Goes Acoustic and Punk Goes Acoustic 2.

What do you think? Too much pop punk for 2013? I mean it is only the end of May…


The Wonder Years


The Story So Far


Man Overboard

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