Falling in Reverse front man Ronnie Radke just released a new “diss” track titled I Wash Cars. This song was attended to be in reference to the one time tour mates I See Stars. The awesome thing about this song is that it’s a Rap song! So if any of you have ever wanted to hear Ronnie lay down some gangsta poetry this is your chance.

The song is in reference to the drama take took place between the two bands back in late 2012 over a planned tour with the two that went south. In brief from what i have read online the issue was Ronnie kicked I See Stars off of the FIR tour for news of drug use. ISS eventually was approved to go on the tour again after their label, Sumerian Records, worked out an agreement with Ronnie (I can only assume it was a business agreement). I See Stars insisted that even after they were reapproved to do the tour again they were repeatedly disrespected by Ronnie.

No this beef is no Tupac and biggie, it is no Ja Rule or 50 Cent, Not even a Young Jeezy and Gucci Man kind of beef. Its Ronnie vs. I See Stars and Sumerian Records and the fact that their is a legit rap song involved makes this beef entertaining.

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