Set Your Goals has been kind of out of the picture for a little over a year doing things random here and there. All we really knew was singer, Matt Wilson had a new band Chains.

Well most recently Matt hopped on facebook and gave all of their fans a rundown of what is going on with the band and what each member is doing. He made sure to point out that the band was not done per say and that they have just being kind of doing their own thing. Check out the message below.

“On a related note, I’ve gotten a ton of angry messages asking for an answer on the status of the band. The truth is, we just don’t know the future for certain and don’t want to get people’s hopes up or give any information that could end up being untrue. As a band, we are laying low for a while and busy individually with our adult lives. We haven’t “broken up” per se, we’re just focusing on other things for the time being. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

-Dan got married and will be moving to Atlanta, GA, next month.
-Joe recently moved to Portland, OR, and plays in a band called Great Collapse
-Jordan returned to school and is pursuing film. He still needs another surgery before he can resume full use of his Achilles’ tendons again, as far as I know.
-Mike started and builds high end tables, and plays in U.S. Light Brigade and What’s Eating Gilbert.
-Audelio had a daughter named Olivia, works for Glad Rags, and plays with What’s Eating Gilbert.
-I run a record label called Calaveras Records and started a band called Chains. I also work for Snoop Dogg doing tour merchandising and production.

Hope that answers some of your questions.


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