Alternative Press posted an interesting read about Set Your Goals vocalist claiming that hey have not received a dime from their label Eulogy records. They go on to talk about how Eulogy took a note from Victory and inflated what the label spent for promotion of the band.

“I’m sure it recouped very well, and then some! John just didn’t pay us our mechanicals, and we couldn’t afford to audit him. I remember when we requested an accounting statement from the label, once we finally got one it was laughable. All of the numbers were fabricated and the costs were inflated. I wish I still had the statement.

One of the many tricks he used I think he stole from Victory, where he takes out a full-page ad in a magazine and splits it into four quarter-page ads (one for each band), then charges each band for a full-page ad, therefore requiring 4x the cost of what he actually paid in order to “recoup.”

Check out the rest of the article HERE

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