Shiny Toy Guns "III" Album Review
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Shiny Toy Gun’s third studio album “III” welcomes back female vocalist Carah Faye who was absent on the 2nd album “Season of Poison.”  The electro synth pop production has no problem complementing Carah’s voice. Whether she is singing over the track as the main melody or providing vocal padding in the background, like the album “We are Pilots”, the group knows what works well for Carah’s unique sound.  “Somewhere to hide” still shows that STG still has that very driven sound with sincere lyrics.  Chad Petree, not to be outdone by Carah, puts on an amazing performance himself with such tracks as  “Carrie” and the piano ballad “Take Me Back to Where I Was.”  The album is a big jump from their previous release and is back to the STG we all know and love.

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