AAAAAH. One thing i love is going to new places and when i go to new places one thing i love even more is being introduced to new art! So I was very fortunate to experience both of these last weekend. The Gramophone is a sweet little venue in The Grove off of Manchester. Has a very nice environment with some great neighboring bars. It was my first time going there and i really enjoyed the atmosphere and better yet the MUSIC!!!!

I was invited to go and see two very talented bands. One of those bands being The Lonely Biscuits. The Lonely Biscuits are a 4 piece band from Nashville that are a mixture of hip hop, rap, and what i like to call “chillcoustic” (get it CHILL ACOUSTIC, you know acoustic that is chill). Anyway these guys are for sure groove music and have a knack for grabbing the audience and pulling them into a stupor of head nodding. I can not tell you how many times i caught myself tapping my toes and the best part about this is this was my first time hearing these guys. The acoustic blend with the melodies of John Peterini is smooth and comfortable with a hint of sublime feel but with a ton more soul. The original sound is encompassed by the lyrical styling’s of Grady Wenrich. Lyrically i love the band and what they are doing. I have been bumping “Everybody” ever since that night. Its a feel good tune that encourages everyone to let it go and to relax and stop thinking so much. These guys for sure make summer soundtracks but is just good music in general and is can appeal to everyone.
If you like Sublime, G. Love & Special Sauce, or Gym Class Heroes you will dig these guys.

The other band i got a chance to witness in action was Sol Cat. These dudes had me at the beginning. I am super into ambient music. The tones they use and just the overall presentation of the band is parallel to the music they make. Vocalist Brett Hamman induced a man crush with his sometimes raspy rich vocals. I feel as though i am in an art museum when i watch and listen to Sol Cat and that all the paintings in the museum are melting their colors off of the canvas. Listen to the bridge of “Keep Your Heart” and you will know what i mean. The reason why Sol Cat struck such a chord with me would have to be the fact that they are incorporating a variety of unique sounds and synths and tones and smashing them into a vintage psychedelic wall. Besides really digging the music it puts you in a creative mood takes you away from the non sense that we call music today.

Both bands mad my first time at this venue great. I personally did not know that Tennessee had bands outside of country and I’m eager to see what else is in the scene down there. Check out these guys and let me know what you think! Peace!

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