Recently Steven Deeds had an album release show at the Demo, here in St. Louis, where he played “The Cavern” in it’s entirety.  I was very anxious to see the live interpretation of the album since i really enjoyed the recorded version.  I admittedly arrived a little late to the show. As i parked outside the demo i could hear the o’so familiar “my hands are slipping now, say a prayer for me” of The Fall. I rushed to pay the concert cost and walked in to see a crowd focused on the stage and the set. The set was great with a full live band backing of Mr. Deeds .  The stage itself had props around the bottom and top to simulate a cavern and projected images to accompany the song.


As I watched the set i really enjoyed the strings that accompanied the music and they matched extremely well with Stevens melody and the mood he was directing towards the audience. Every song on the album has strong and raw emotion and they did their best to recreate that with the live show.  There wasn’t much talking in between songs but that’s what makes it work. The talking that did happen was appreciation for everyone coming out and a few jokes made by Steven. Like i have said in my previous blog “The Cavern” really isn’t a regular album, it’s a story. I would say it is somewhat like a movie and i personally dislike it when people talk during movies, kind of gets you out of the mood. The really cool thing i noticed about the set is the band dressed the part. Their attire was similar to early 1900’s, late 1800’s attire and it really glued the theme of the performance together.


Everyone that walked in also received a flyer with the track listings, a little bit of info about the chapter/song, and a free Steven Deeds button (gotta love free merch). The crowd was quaint and very cozy and you could tell everyone really enjoyed the set and unlike most shows after every song was finished the audience kept their eyes to the stage in anticipation to the next chapter to be played.


I have never been to a show that orchestrated the theme of the live show, a book and an album so well. I hope Steven plays more shows some of you get to see “The Cavern” live.

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