photoWhen our photographer came to me with a friend of his by the name of Steven Deeds and told me that he was releasing new music and wanted me to review it I was like “Cool.” I mean i like finding new music. Especially unsigned music from my area.  Later that day Steven sent me an email with the album.  That email also obtained a link to a pdf file. I talked to Steven back and forth through email and text. He told me that the pdf was a book titled “The Cavern” also the name of his new album.  Off the bat i was like “…hmmmm, this is different.” I mean its not to often you get sent a album and a book. Anyway Steven gave me the great advice to read the book before i really listen to the album.

I began to read the book and was amazed by not only the story it’s self but also the illustration that was included with it. The story “The Cavern” follows a slave in the south named Luge who longs for freedom. Luge attempts to follow his dream for freedom like his friend did months ago. After preparing for the escape Luge begins his journey for freedom. His journey takes a twist has he falls into a whole in the earth. In the cavern, alone and the in the dark, Luge meets a gruesome creature and the story follows Luge and this mysterious creature and Luge’s attempt not only to find freedom but to escape this cavern.

I wont ruin the whole story for you guys but what is amazing about this story is each chapter is accompanied by a song.  The book follows a struggle that all of us can somewhat relate to. The album is an accumulation of folk, indie and blues tunes. Steven gels all of these genre’s with his soulful and intense lyrics. The empathy that the lyrics show with the narration of the book is artful. After reading the chapter “The Creature” and then listening to the song it gave me so much understanding and filled me with much more emotion because i knew the story of the creature in the story. Literature have always put readers in their own world and music captivates its audience. The Cavern, story and album, is good story telling and song-writing combined.  Steven Deeds has created actual art with this collaboration and is something that has been attempted by other artists but not often achieved.

From songs like “The Fall” that compasses fear at the bottom of your heart and a plea for rescue to “The Harp” that portrays a longing for someone long lost, the album touches on the most sensitive human emotions.  From start to finish the album is is a great listen. It’s lyrically impressive and the music is composed very well, including many different types of percussion and strings.

One last thing. One super lyric that i really dig in this album is “Didnt find God, but i found myself. Lost my mind but found my friend.” It’s in my favorite song on the album “Freedom”

So check out the album and the book both titled The Cavern and be sure to keep up with Mr. Deeds on Facebook. If you are in the St. Louis area come to his show on April 27th at the Demo.


Steven Deeds-The Cavern Review
5.0Overall Score

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