To all our St. Louis readers, the local show of the year is just around the corner! The St. Louis local music scene between 2003-2006 made me who I am today. I was at shows almost every week. All of my friends were in bands or went to the shows just as much as me. I met half the people I know from I am beyond excited for STLPUNK Throwback Reunion shows on June 6th and 7th.

A lot of my friends and other favorite local bands from when I was a teenager are reuniting for the first time in years. This all started after someone started a group on Facebook called Stlpunk Legacy. We were all sharing old stories, music, and flyers. Someone mentioned that a show should happen and BAM here it is! It’s amazing what a little nostalgia can set into motion.

My all time favorite local bands from back in the day were Sophomore, Westcott, Loser’s Luck, and Centerpointe. I went to just about every single one of their shows. 3 out of those 4 bands are playing. Kind of bummed that the 4th one didn’t even get asked but that’s a whole bunch of drama that doesn’t need to be brought back up. 😉

The lineups for the shows are absolutely perfect though. I don’t think I would change a thing. Friday:  Sophomore, Westcott, Ava, Wait, Shall We Dance, Building Rome, and The Chrome Nuns. I have not seen Sophomore or Shall We Dance in over 10 years. Saturday: Rushmore Academy, Nothing Still, Centerpointe, 13 Lo’Kei, and Dayton. I haven’t seen any of those bands in a long time either but I have NEVER EVER seen 13 Lo’Kei and I think I’m most excited for them. They are just playing an acoustic set because some things happen so I cause they should be called, The Secret Life, but I’m still extremely excited. They broke up right when I started going to shows and their shows used to always sell out. I just never got to see them and I was always really bummed about that. They had a song that was always played on the radio that I was absolutely obsessed with called Song About A Girl. My favorite song by them is Collide and I never skip it when it pops up on my shuffle. 🙂





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