Deryck Whibley has been going through a lot. After admitting to some personal issues with addiction, Deryck has been on the hard, but well worth track to self recovery. Deryck has been more personal and open with Sum 41 fans than he ever has. From many blog and Facebook posts you can tell that Deryck is rebuilding relationships as well as moving away from the dark place where he once was.

Mr. Whibley just released a blog accompanied by a demo of Sum 41’s “Crash” which is off of their Screaming Bloody Murder album. In his blog post he writes:

was going through my old cassette tapes of ideas today and i came across the original demo of the song “crash”. this recording was made about an hour after i witnessed a horrible car crash where one of the drivers was killed instantly. it all happened right before my eyes. i was the first one there and jumped out of my car immediately trying to help but i could feel the lifelessness in the air, you could just tell he was dead and there was nothing i could do. i’ve seen a few people die in front of me in my life and it’s definitely a bizarre moment to see the life being taken out of someone. i went home and wrote this song in minutes and recorded this version. and now, after everything i’ve been through recently this song holds new meaning for me. it’s not much different than the album but i like this version because i remember exactly how i felt when i was putting it down. i used to have this big open room with a nice grand piano. i would love to come down in the mornings and play for awhile as i was waking up. the room had really high ceilings and gave off this great natural reverb. it felt like being in a big concert hall. it was almost a haunting sound in that room. it made you feel very alone. and i don’t think i could have written crash if it didn’t sound like that.


Check out the link to Deryck’s blog and the demo HERE

and check out the original below

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