Update: 8.26.13

Sunderland releases new acoustic EP and are set to play the Exora Music Festival in Kennewick, WA on Saturday, August 31st.

Purchase the EP on iTunes below by clicking on the album.

acoustic sunderland
Be sure to check our interview with the guys from when they rolled through St. Louis earlier this year.




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So for those that may not know you guys where are you from, who are the members and what do each of you guys do?

We’re from a small town in Oregon called Hood River. Zach Grace sings and plays guitar, McKinley Kitts does the same, Dylan Bauld plays bass and does backing vocals, and Kyle Hill plays drums.

When did the band start?
We originally got together in high school and have kept it up since. Kyle joined us about seven months ago and he is from outside of Portland, Oregon.

What kind of influences do you guys have as a band or individually?
We’re all big Jimmy Eat World fans, and some of our songs definitely reflect that. Also for writing we really admire Tegan and Sara and Relient K. And of course individually we all look up to a ton of groups and artists!

You guys posted a Facebook comment that is kind of a “hint” The “hint” kind of looks like plans for a tour. Can you say more about that?
We will be joining the group R5 on 15 dates of their upcoming “LOUD” Spring tour! We start on March 30th with them in Chicago and will be with them up until our final show in Nashville on April 19th. We haven’t toured in WAY too long so we’re super excited to get back out there and get in touch with our fans. We feel bad we haven’t been to the east coast in so long!

What is your favorite song to play live?
We’ve got a whole new batch of songs, but we haven’t had the chance to test them on fans live yet so we’re not sure out of those! But as far as our older songs go, “Campus” is always a blast because it’s a crowd favorite. “Echoes” also has some awesome energy live!

You guys have shot a few music videos, how important is that for the portrayal of your music?
Videos are definitely a big part of what we do in Sunderland. Aside from “Echoes” we’ve really tried to have our videos reflect the theme or story of the songs they’re bringing to life. And even with “Echoes”, the video definitely portrays the bite and aggression behind the song lyrics. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic videographers and producers that get what we’re trying to do and really connect with our music. One of our best friends Jade Ehlers was the man behind the “Echoes” video and he has gone on to do all of our recent promo photos and has designed all of our new album’s artwork.

Heard you guys have been recording a new album and it is in the process of being mastered.
Who did you guys record with?
How was that experience/any funny stories
When is it coming out?
We have a new album coming out this Spring, it is our first full-length album and we couldn’t be more proud of it. Like 9 months ago we were searching for a producer to work on some new songs with and we were all reaching out to different people by sending out emails. Dylan emailed the manager for John Fields and asked if he had someone under his management with a style similar to John’s. His manager, Frank, sent one of our demos, “Everybody Wants”, to John and I guess he just loved it! He had us in for a meeting and decided to do an album with us. It was pretty shocking to us that someone of Fields’ caliber would be interested in working with us at all, much less committing to doing a whole album, but we were beyond ecstatic about it! So basically the last 9 months we’ve been back and forth between Oregon and LA working on this album with John. The guy is a genius, and this album is going to be really amazing. We just can’t wait to share it with everyone!

How important is fan interaction for the band?
Fans are everything, and every band knows that, (or at least they should). If people weren’t buying our songs and coming to shows we wouldn’t be able to do what we love. After every show and load-out we head to our merch table and will be there until the very last person at the show leaves. We love meeting new people and visiting with our current fans, everyone has a cool story to share and we want to hear it all!

What is the best show you guys think you’ve ever played?
That’s a tough one. Our favorite venue as a group is definitely the House of Blues in Chicago though. They treat the bands incredibly well, the venue is beautiful, and Chicago is a really cool city! I’m going to say our best show was at the Charter Center Stage Festival in Madison Wisconsin in 2011. We got to play with Panic! at the Disco and the Plain White T’s in front of a few thousand people, so that was really awesome and inspiring.

If you could have the “perfect” tour who would be on it?
It would be a big and mismatched tour, but here goes nothing… We would open for Jimmy Eat World, Relient K, Parachute, Memphis May Fire, Tegan and Sara, Pierce the Veil, and let’s say Tom Petty to round off the list!



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