Alright guys, it’s time to soundtrack your summer. What’ll you be listening to on your road trip? Who will you be playing on the hot, lazy days by the river? I have a feeling that my picks this year will be influenced a bit by this band I stumbled across: Trotting Bear. Their sophomore album Currents, released in March 2013, is the essence of summer. Ambient folk heavily influenced by summer sounds and experiences, it’s incredibly chill music. Lead singer Andy Berkhout said their first album, Morning, was mostly demos that he put together himself and performed with Joanna Landis and John Donovan on tour. Currents is about a bigger sound, layered voices, and their collaboration together.


Trotting Bear 


Currents as a whole is sweet, simple, and pretty nostalgic. I enjoyed the modesty of the music and the understated beauty of it. However, the simplicity can sometimes imply shallow lyrics and vocals. Bare music can be beautiful but this album could use a bit more complexity and substance. Overall, I did enjoy it. I’m excited to see what they come up with when they head back to the studio this Fall 2013/Spring 2014. Coming up, you can catch them at the KDHX Harvest Sessions on August 3rd at Tower Grove Park in Saint Louis.


Photo Credits  Nate Burrell

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