We’re all used to the songs of Taylor Swift with a more country, I’m-going-to-get-over-my-ex-boyfriend vibe. I can’t hide my love for her anthems on getting over exes and am excited to see where her new turn takes her. Shake It Off is her new single on her first pop album and second song of hers to be number one its debut (her other one being We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together). It goes right along with the trending ‘be who you are, don’t care what others think’. Swift’s new video is of her trying to dance along with the best and showing how she obviously can’t pop, lock, and drop it but still enjoys trying. I am personally in love with the new song and video because I as well can most definitely not dance well, but I still love having fun at it anyways!

The rest of Taylor Swift’s album, 1989, will be dropping October 27. Congrats on the single Taylor, and I look forward to hearing the rest of the new album!

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