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Our Story

ribbit.TV (rbTV) is a St. Louis-based website dedicated to connecting fans, artists, and music by documenting local music scenes through video.

Founded in the fall of 2012 by former band mates, Sean Childs & Tom Mudd, ribbit.TV was largely inspired by the once popular St. Louis website, STL Punk.  After pursing their own music careers with their band, Airplanes, Sean & Tom each decided they wanted to tackle the “other side” of the music industry.  With the rise of Facebook and the downfall of Myspace, they saw a void in the way music was discovered on the internet.  They wanted to create a new way to discover music, artists, and local venues. After ironing out ideas with a beta launch in February 2013, ribbit.TV finally launched its production site in June of 2013. Today ribbit.TV continues to evolve as it strives to connect fans to bands and new music. The team continues to grow, and ribbit.TV continues to find new fun and unique ways to make music social.

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Meet the Team

Erin Meskill

Creative Content Strategist

Sean Childs

Tom Mudd

Tom Mudd


Jack Mudd