Allison, Miles, Chris, and I had an amazing time hanging out and filming at the Stlpunk Throwback Reunion shows. Those two nights reminded me why I do what I do. It was great to see old friends and a lot of familiar faces. The best part was being able to watch some of the bands that I literally grew up with. We all went from punk ass kids to adults. But one thing hasn’t changed and that’s our love for the community that Stlpunk created.

It was amazing to talk to everyone and share stories about why we all loved Stlpunk. But most of all I just enjoyed hanging out with everyone again and singing along to some of my favorite songs. I had so much fun on Friday and Saturday that I physically could not get out of bed on Sunday. I slept all day on Sunday and was deeply depressed at work on Monday. It took two days to sink in that the shows actually happened and they were already over. I already miss everyone so much and I hope we don’t go months or years without seeing each other again.

I love music and I love surrounding myself with others that love it just as much as me. I honestly forgot how insanely talented  some of my friends are. I am blessed to have such amazing people in my life.

I hope you all enjoyed this quick, mushy, little blog post.


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