Female fronted band The Atlantic recently changed their name to Paper|Cities. Back in the early Ribbit days we featured The Atlantic and one of our “Ribbit Radar” bands. The band is very talented and we, just like every other fan of the band, was interested in why the band felt the need to change their name. I mean personally i loved it. Fortunately vocalist Jessica Ess filled us in on the name change and why it was necessary. Check out the entry from her tumblr below:

I’ve had this sitting in my notes for a while, debating on whether or not I was happy or making the right choices. I’ve been afraid to let anyone down, but I think I need to put on my big girl pants and just do it.

I was a standard music-loving show-going kid for nearly 10 years before I caught a glimpse of how cruel and unfair this industry really is. And unfortunately I’ve grown very bitter. I could write a huge detailed blog about how the past two years of my life have been wasted on poor choices and missed opportunities, but frankly I’ve consulted my lawyer enough the past few months and I can’t stand to waste another minute of the poor guy’s time.

In the end I only have myself to blame. When I began pursuing music as my full time career, I was naive and just “happy to be here” – which is basically the cause for my hopes and dreams being completely demolished. To my previous team and everyone who has ever played for The Atlantic, I thank you for your efforts. We almost made it work.

Now it’s time for me to take charge of my own life and stop the battle for creative freedom. It’s MY heart and mind on the line, and if I fail – I want to fail on my own terms. Because of my own flaws. Not because I’ve been manipulated to the point where I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’ve been told how to act, how to feel, who to tweet about. I’ve been told I wasn’t good enough, and that I wouldn’t amount to anything. I’ve had everything I’ve worked for stolen from me by people I once looked up to. Contract after contract was signed and when it came down to it, we were expected to be everything but our true selves – which I personally could not mentally deal with.

Not only that, but it took TWO YEARS to find a group of guys who mean the world to me and truly have my back. These are the best people I know. Good times and bad – David, Carson, and Phil have completed the circle. We aren’t the band we were when I started this whole thing. We’ve come so far and grown so much. We’re finally a functional unit. Not nearly as lost as we once were. We are no longer “The Atlantic.” We’re a NEW unit and we’re stronger than we were.

With that said, I present to you what I set out to do. This is real and honest. This is two years of fear and struggle. And this is all the pain the guys and I have endured. This is PAPER|CITIES.

* Don’t fret! A shirt is still a shirt, a hoodie is still a hoodie, and YOU have helped fund and keep the dream alive. YOU are the reason we kept pushing forward when everything fell apart. To those of you who purchased merch from The Atlantic, you will be compensated in music and letters when our new release is ready.

We are finally entering the studio in April to record and RELEASE the songs we love and have believed in all this time. We have made it our duty to speak only the truth, share our experiences, and lead by example to prove that finding yourself and BEING yourself is the key to happiness. There is only one YOU. There will always be people trying to knock you down – but they can’t take away who you are, what you know, and all the things you’ve accomplished.

We’re stronger than the paper cities in which we live. We all hurt, but we won’t break if we stand together.

– Jessica Ess/ PAPER|CITIES

PS: The rights to the name “The Atlantic” were unavailable. Don’t be mad at us! We were forced into this decision by the legal system and way of the world. Although it seems appropriate and we look forward to the future with our new name!

There we have it. A full explanation that i find more than satisfying. I also appreciate the truth’s that Jessica shares with us. As a former musician I may not have made it as far as Ms. Ess has made but I do know how the music industry can be very elusive and very disappointing at the same time. The band nonetheless is very talented and i believe is worthy of any popularity and success that they may gain.

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