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The Early November took to their Twitter and Facebook today to announce their new record. After Property of Zack posted an article about it. “The Early November confirmed tonight at their The Room’s Too Cold ten year show that they are in the process of writing a new album.”

I’ve loved The Early November for the past 10 years but I think I’ve loved them the most this past year. I don’t know why I love them more now than I did when I first got into them. I guess it was not hearing anything from them for awhile and also being really disappointed with “Hair” from The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path. I don’t know why but I really did not like that song and I never gave those albums a chance… I just reminded myself that I should do that.

But after In Currents came out almost two years ago I completely fell in love with them again. I saw them live twice this past year for the first time in years and they are better than ever.

I am absolutely out of this world stoked for their new album and I NEED NEED NEED to see them again soon! That reminds me of how sad I am that I can not attend any of their The Room Is Too Cold 10 anniversary shows. wah.

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