Everyone that knows me knows that I have a sick obsession with pop punk and New Jersey and Philadelphia… So when Sean asked me to check out The Masquerade’s new EP I was like “hell yeah!” And after some research I found their Facebook page which has a picture that says “PA Pop Punk” so I immediately became obsessed.

The Masquerade is a brand new 4 piece pop punk band from Erie, PA. The released two singles “Set Your Mind To It” and “Best Day Of My Life” which can both be heard on their debut EP, “Home Is Where You Make It” which was released on 6/18. It’s a super catchy pop punk album. Reminds me a lot of With The Punches’ “Keep It Going” EP and a little MXPX because the lead singers voice has a Mike Herrera vibe to it, which I love.

All 5 songs on the EP are upbeat and catchy. Great road trip album or a good “Get Psyched Mix” to listen to while getting ready to go out. How I Met Your Mother reference? Anyone? Anyone? Alright, moving on.

I would say this album is for fans of With The Punches, Man Overboard, The Story So Far, Transit… I could keep going all those pop punk bands that we all love right now. 😛

So check them out! Post about them on Tumblr! Girls start totally fangirling over them! Let’s see if they have as much success as some of our favorite PA pop punk bands aka The Starting Line and The Wonder Years.


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