Today The Story So Far announced that their acoustic EP “Songs Of” was up for presale. The EP comes out on June 17th. They also released their new single Navy Blue.

What I like most about The Story So Far is that they know how to do acoustic songs. They know that acoustic songs are meant to be stripped down, raw, and emotional. That’s my opinion at least. Those are my favorite kinds of acoustic songs. Especially when it is a completely different sound than what the band usually plays. When I first listened to Navy Blue this morning all I could say was “Holy shit.” Same reaction I had when they released Clairvoyant last year. Both beautiful, short, simple, emotional, powerful songs.

I am very excited to hear the rest of the EP. The EP includes their new single Navy Blue along with acoustic versions of The Glass, All Wrong, and Bad Luck. It also includes a cover of Bob Marley’s Waiting In Vain.

Listen to Navy Blue here:

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