All Time Low is at it again! Love these boys, they always release solid albums and aren’t afraid to try new things. I am starting to notice a theme for 2015 among bands that have been around for awhile… “back to our roots”. All Time Low will never lose their pop but for the last 9 years they didn’t care if they were considered a pop punk band or not. They just wanted to make music that they were proud of it. I was excited when All Time Low signed with Hopeless Records again because they truly work great together. All Time Low took a little break after Don’t Panic but Alex still got his pop punk on while recording with Australian, heart throbs 5 Seconds Of Summer. I was probably one of the most excited people ever when All Time Low announced that they were recording “Future Hearts”  with John Feldmann. Anything he touches is gold. Man, I would really like to see Goldfinger again some day… All Time Low’s new song “Something Lift To Give” has that classic All Time Low sound with Alex’s flawless voice and meaningful lyrics. They definitely put the punk back into pop punk with a few more power chords than they usually do. It’s… It’s just good. It has 2006 All Time Low and John Feldmann all over it… but it mixes well with 2008 and 2012 All Time Low… I’M JUST RAMBLING NOW!

All Time Low released a new single, new music video, pre-order for the new album (out April 7th), and a spring tour! Oh, and Alex and Jack are hosting the second annual Alternative Press Music Awards! Woo! They are back and ready for action in 2015! Watch the video for “Something Lift To Give” below… I know Alex doesn’t like cats but why did he have to eat the poor kitty?! 🙁

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