Traffic is a pain in the ass. To say that I enjoy sitting in traffic would be an outright, dirty lie.

In fact, I despise traffic…although I do love singing in the car.

I dare say that I could make a decent career out of it, if such a career existed.

Each car is like its own tiny world. It is vaguely aware of the other worlds around it, especially those veering off course and about to hit theirs, but, overall, no one else exists.

The conversations are unique to the people riding in that vehicle.

The ride itself is unique or part of a routine.

But then there’s a slow down to a complete stop.

And you’re sat for what seems like an eternity waiting to move again.

That’s when I look to the side of me; and I see plenty of movement.

I see laughing and phone calls.

I see singing and dancing.

And I notice that the majority of people are doing the same thing.

Most of them are singing along to a tune.

Some of them sing in a muted way, where I cannot even imagine how they sound. Others sing with their mouths wide open, shoulders shimmying this way and that, head bobbing, and a wide smile.

Sometimes, I am one of them.

Sometimes I sing at the people stuck in traffic next to me, uncaring of what they think, because, “When will I ever see them again?”

But no one ever seems to judge.

They smile or sing back, or pull a funny face.

And, for just a moment, no matter how withdrawn I am into my own little world, this vehicle where I hash out my problems and my upsets, I am not alone.

For just a moment, I realize I am part of something much greater.

And, sure, it’s just traffic.

But when I see the similarities in strangers, the tunes in the traffic, it is not just traffic. It’s a moment of unity in diversity, which is the thing I love most about music; it brings people together.

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Born in the UK, but raised in the U.S., I write, go to concerts, and dream of being a filmmaker.

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