Everyone! Drop what you’re doing, do yourself a favor, and check out Troye Sivan!


Australian YouTuber/ex-child star, Troye Sivan, has released your new favorite song, “Happy Little Pill”. Troye is a YouTube superstar with over 3 million subscribers. He spent the year traveling the world, collaborating with other YouTubers, and meeting as many of his subscribers as he could. Earlier this summer he announced that he signed with EMI Australia and would be releasing an EP. Like Lorde, Troye’s “Happy Little Pill” is pop with a twist. Troye’s single has more of a club and dance vibe, but it’s definitely not your everyday pop song. Keep Troye on your radar because the 19-year-old still has more to come. Make sure to pick up Troye’s EP TRXYE on August 15th.

Listen to “Happy Little Pill” below:

Also check out Troye’s vlog about his record deal:

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