So, if you’re anything like me, you have a few social media accounts you log onto. For me, I mostly use them for work, but I’ll occasionally have a browse through dashboards and news feeds and whatever other name there is for the organized list thingy that tells me whose shit is whose and that they got a hot dog and diet coke this afternoon.

But one thing I have noticed is listeners of all genres freaking out about change.

Now, it doesn’t matter if the change is to the lineup, the sound, etc., or even just one of the musicians’ personal lives; people freak out.

Parts of me chuckles at this.

Other parts of me feels nervous. Like we’ve become accustomed to a society where we’re all in each other’s business and there is no such thing as privacy; for the little guy or the big shot.

It made me think of the harsh wakeup call some people so desperately need.

It sparked in me a glowing realization that we are no longer mysterious islands to one another; we are merely an account to track down, a picture to find, or a video to watch.

That’s not to say that’s all bad, but we’ve torn the mystery and excitement of change away.

Away from our lives.

Away from music.

You want to know why bands aren’t sustaining fame and craze for as long as The Beatles, The Rolling Stone, etc.? Because the thing that our grandparents found so hot and appealing about these men was that they were complete and total mysteries. They didn’t have Twitter feeds to log on and see all of their private lives (and, I guess, sometimes private parts too); they could only dare to dream what their favorite artists did in their free time.

So, let me be clear; like a beautiful beachfront on a hot summer day, or a freshly cleaned glass table, or something equally as fresh and appealing and see-through:

You will get older.

Your favorite band will change; either as people, or you’ll find a new group you like better (not as likely the older you get).

The band members you’ve grown up loving, well, they grow up too (at least nowadays, you can log on and see the wedding/baby/old folk home pictures).

Band’s will change their sound…a million times over.

They will release more songs that you love.

And they will release a handful more that you hate.

Sadly, there will be break-ups.

But there will be reunion tours.

There will be scandals.

There will be disappearing off-the-grid.

There will be moments where you listen to a band you forgot all about and fall madly in love all over again.

There will be moments where you listen to a band you never forgot, but when you hear them again, want to rip your ears off a la Vincent Van Gogh.

My point is, there will be change.

Try not to freak out.

Yes, they’re married and the fan-fiction-esque possibility of running away with your favorite musician is destroyed.

But, you’ll survive. You’ll most likely start dating someone who, you know, actually knows you. 

You’ll find new bands to love or rediscover old favorites.

You’ll learn to like an old band’s new sound.

It’s just change, at its finest.

Try not to freak out.

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