I’m going to get personal with you, and admit that I watch the Bachelorette and even though I watch it with my girlfriend, I know it’s  not an excuse. However, a couple of weeks ago, my watching of the show paid off and introduced me to a new killer artist, Kate Earl. After doing some research online, I soon became obsessed with her single, “One Woman Army.” It’s got an indie rock vibe with an extremely catching melody and even catchier lyrics.  Well it had been about 2 weeks after I had discovered Kate Earl and her catchy song and I was just getting the song out of my head when I find out that she’s opening for Matchbox 20 and the Goo Goo Dolls…a concert I had bought tickets for months in advance and had no idea she was on the bill. After seeing Kate perform live I can say with confidence that she is going to be arond the music scene for a long time.

Just to give you a little of background on her without getting into too much detail, Kate is originally from Alaska, but moved to California to pursue her dream of music. She’s a single mother and she caught the attention of Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, so much in fact that he decided to bring her on tour as the opener for Matchbox 20’s tour with the Goo Goo Dolls. If Rob Thomas see’s something in this girl, I think it’s worthwhile to give her a listen. So check out her single, “One Woman Army,” below and be sure to leave your comments!



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