MxPx tour poster

So my upcoming concert schedule looks like this:

July 30- Dr. Karate, Inferni, and Companion garage show in Springfield, MO

August 7- Power Trip, Kublai Khan, Mammoth Grinder, Cross Me, Alienate You, and Pizza Breath in Springfield, MO

August 17- Sold Short, Pulled Under, Truth, and Judgement Day in Springfield, MO

last but not least the most important show of this year for me is………

OCTOBER 10- MxPx, Zebrahead, Allister, and Survey Says!

I have been waiting forever to see MxPx and Zebrahead in concert. My one problem is that it is at the Firebird (my least favorite venue in St. Louis) but either way I will be in a small venue with two of my all time favorite punk and pop punk bands!! This show will be perfect so don’t miss out on this because it most definitely will sell out!

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