Pop punk fans I’m sure you have seen Veara’s new single “Growing Up Is Killing Me” all over the internet! But have you listened? Well I’m sure you have since it’s featuring Dan “Soupy” Campbell from The Wonder Years and you can get it for FREE at Warped Tour this year. Yes for FREE! Go to Warped Tour and pick up the FREE Epitaph 2013 Summer Sampler!

For those of you who do not know, Veara is a quirky pop punk band from Augusta, Georgia. They are very proud to come from the peach state! I only saw them once at Warped Tour a few years back and I remember thinking “What is with the camo banners?” But they did not disappoint. Their set was solid. I feel like they played at the same time as a band I liked but didn’t care to see at the time. But the other band was so loud that most people just walked past the Kevin Says stage and totally missed Veara. But I didn’t understand why because they are awesome! Oh yeah, and they have a female drummer. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?!

“Growing Up Is Killing Me” is the title track from their new album that is going to be released later on this year. My sister and I are really excited to hear something new from the band and can’t wait for their new album!

Also make sure you check out my favorite songs by them “Pull Your Own Weight” and “Everything To Lose”. 😛

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