WALK THE MOON FINALLY ANNOUNCES A NEW TOUR!! The Shut Up and Tour tour will begin on October 8th in Seattle and wrap up November 8th in Philly. Although it’s a short tour, I could not be more excited for their show at the Ready Room here in STL !! Along with their tour announcement, Walk the Moon has also released a new single Shut Up and Dance which is available on itunes. Walk the Moon’s tour will include this new hit along with other new songs that will be on their album coming out later this year.

It’s been 2 years since their last album that I fell in love with and am excited to hear what’s to come next. They toured with Panic! this summer and played a couple new songs including their new single Shut Up and Dance. It is already available to listen on Spotify as well as for purchase on itunes. I already can’t stop listening and dancing along with this track. It has the same indie, synthesized, groovy feel as their previous album so I am extremely excited for the rest of the album to release.

Having seen them before, if you love dancing, singing, and sweating I encourage you to see them on this tour! They don’t headline tours often so being able to see them play along with us  in such an intimate venue and sing even more than usual is an opportunity you do not want to miss. Presale starts tomorrow and tickets officially go on sale Friday. Hope to see you all there !!!!!

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