So i have heard about this in other bands. I believe i heard that on a Cute is What we aim for album their drummer didnt have a chance to record all of his drum parts on the record, it may have not been any..i forget. Anyway I was shocked to hear that Summer Set drummer, Jess Bowen did not record any of her parts on her album.

Im not sure how i would feel about this as an artist. Maybe she made up all of the drums just didnt record them due to other reasons. I just hope its not for reasons that may involve with others thinking she’s not a “solid” or “good” drummer. There are a lot worse drummers by far and I think Jess is pretty solid for the genre.

But even with all of this said the Summer Set is doing well for themselves right now. They Just played the iHeart Radio festival in Vegas and their song Boomerang is actually being played on top 40 radio. Jess has been riding it out with this band for a while and has put in a ton of work. Anyway check out a snippit below of Jess Bowen talking about it.

Entertwine: You all recently put out a new album Legendary in April of this year. What was the recording process like for this album? How do you go about writing your drum parts for most of TSS songs?

JB: This album and recording process for Legendary was different than our past albums. But usually someone has an idea for a song, whether it’s lyrical or musical, and we would all come together and write around that. For my drum parts I would listen to the songs over and over until I was happy with a rhythm I wanted to record, and write fills around the basic rhythms, if that makes sense. Essentially for this album, I didn’t record my drum parts but I get to experiment with the live aspect and make it my own, which has been extremely fun for me to do.

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