I may go through phases in music, but their is something about melodic infused electronica that always gets me. It is something that I can listen to when I’m driving or when i just want to chill in my bed with my headphones on.  When I i spent many nights studying for tests and even gaming, music made by artists like Seven Lions was always nice background music.

Seven Lions is my current obsession in the genre of Trance/Dubstep. Seven Lions is the alter ego of Californian (oh sh*t, thats a word?) Jeff Montalvo.  Montalvo has put out 3 albums and a crap ton of remixes.  I would describe the music as Final Fantasy meets Kingdom of Hearts meets looking into outer space meets making out with a robot. Yeah that about sums it up.

Check out the video above for an hour long mix of Seven Lions tracks.

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