5. Da Look
We all know the cliche major label emphasis on “the look” and how you have to have it to make it. Well BVB has “the look.” BVB sports a very motley crew 80’s rock kind of wardrobe that really makes them stand out among other bands in the genre. Go back a couple of years when they looked like KISS carbon copies then you definitely had a band that stuck out visually.

4. Da Singer
Every band that has “the look” has to have “the frontman.” I can not tell you how many tumblr, twitters, blogs are dedicated to all that is Andrew Biersack. There is something about him that fan girls love and fan dudes want to be.

3. Da Diy
BVB started with a very DIY approach (yes they were signed to Standby early one…but i consider that DIY). By putting in a lot of leg work and promoting they acquired the attention they needed to sell impressive amounts of their early records.

2. Da Lyrics
Black Veil Brides have become masters at tapping into teen angst and becoming a sort of mouthpiece for their audience. They have no problem writing lyrics that call on it’s fans to rally and fight for what they believe in.

1. Da Fans
By far the BVB Army is the most die hard of fans that has been seen in the most recent years. With their face paint and their complete devotion of the band it is no surprise that the band continues to thrive as the army recruits more and more members.

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