Lift A Sail cover art

As of today, August 19, 2014, you can preorder Yellowcard’s seventh studio album, Lift a Sail! The album will be released on October 7th. Also, there are preorder merch bundles with exclusive Lift a Sail items at The Global iTunes link is and global preorders is

As a preview of the new album, USA Today  premiered the new lyric video for the first single “One Bedroom” yesterday and it can be viewed here:

Lift a Sail is a fearless album and one that sees Yellowcard really growing bigger and louder. The epic title track sums up the attitude of the album whose resilient lyrics “If a storm blows in on me / I am ready now” reflects the inspiring determination of not only Key’s wife but also the band’s unending creative strength in making music. “It’s the one song that really encompasses this whole experience,” Key declares, looking back on everything he, his family and his bandmates have been through over the past year. “It’s saying, ‘we’re ready for anything now’.”

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