“Clarity” by Zedd and the super talented Foxes has been creeping it’s way into the hearts of millions for a while now. I first heard of Foxes on an Adventure Club track and when i heard Zedd had a track with Foxes i had to hear it!

As some of you may already know about me, there is only one thing i love more than a well written song, and that is the cover of a well written song. AAAAANNND to add on top! I love raw covers. Ones aren’t necessarily pre recorded and sung with but the artist belting it out in real time!

Below are some Covers that i think are up to par with the original. Check them out and spread the word about all of these talented musicians!

Bronte Bird does an amazing job with this song. I am a guitarist so the fact that she is playing this song with six strings is a huge plus for me. Her voice is almost flawless with her cover and her “ah’s” with the melody after the chorus are seamless with the chords. The palm muting during the verses are a great break in between the strumming as well. Good stuff!


This next one is by two talented gals Weiwen Choo and Yuuwii Choow. The voices sync so well, also since im all about looking good and having great fashion sense, these two also have great style to match their vocals. The harmony to “I drown in you again” gives ya chills. Keep up to date with these two for future videos!

download the song here:Youtube.com/KayleeKilljoy

Last but not least (is that the right least?), is Idalis Marie. One reason why i like this cover because not only does Idalis have a great voice, she is funny and has a great personality. The video is personal and she adds in her own vocal chops which i dig. You also can not deny the great emotion she puts into this cover.


I want to know what you guys thought of these videos and if you all have any other good covers that you like send them to us! But in the mean time check out these talented ladies!


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